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27th July 2008

evilgrins8:01pm: found this comm kinda by accident...
...and saw you didn't have this:

Every zombie comm should have this!
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10th March 2007


They're not zombies, they're "living challenged".

9th October 2005

lafinjack1:23pm: I know the last post was about the Vancouver Zombie Walk, but I figured I'd add my own pictures of the event too.

28th August 2005

ex_sporknin6:51pm: Alright guys.


Seriously. Boston. Let's do it.

7th August 2005

spikeygrrl6:37pm: Airport for the undead. Cause zombies want to go to Vegas too, dammit!

6th July 2005

briguyman12:02am: What is funnier than a zombie baby hanging from a ceiling fan?

AnswerCollapse )

23rd June 2005

ex_sporknin9:03pm: Last night I dreamt about being trapped in an elevator with a zombie-to-be. Discuss.

Also, here is an article about Land of the Dead from the newest issue of PremiereCollapse )

15th June 2005

ex_sporknin10:01pm: Alright, [Massachusetts-based] homies. Who's going to Brookline with me next week?

4th May 2005

nat_johntracy8:41pm: Hiya.

Thought people might be interested to know that the theatre company im with are doing a production in july based on Zombies.

I think its Zombies the Musical: What to do in Detention when your dead! will be a comedy. Good laugh and night out. With me on MAke up it should be pretty damn good.

Ill find out the Performance dates for ye.

Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes, Bucks.

1st May 2005

krzdweasel6:34pm: when zombies attack...
...we might need this book.


27th April 2005

aebon11:47pm: fake, but amusing.

18th April 2005

krzdweasel8:29pm: shaun of the dead!
i'll be honest right now.

i have nothing zombie-rific to say, except to show off my new icon.

actually, wait, i did have a dream the other night involving zombies.
i remember breaking bottles on tables and having a broken-bottle fight with one.

13th April 2005

ex_sporknin8:07pm: decapitation for dummies.Collapse )
oncebluemoon3:00am: questions:

1) Are zombies capable of utilizing skills their host body had? Like if Jackie Chan ever rose again, would we have a zombie ninja on our hands? Applicable only to the recently dead/zombified I imagine
2) Hypothetically, If zombies ate every last human on earth, would they start to eat each other, or animals?
3) If zombies hunger for brains, do they not also starve? So assuming we built a huge frickin wall to contain them, would they eventually stop moving, Or bump into the wall for all eternity?
4) Shaun of the Dead zombies vs. Dawn of the Dead (remake) zombies, which are the more believable zombies IYHO
5) *because 5 is so nice and rounded* Is zombification in itself an airborne virus thing (SARS!), magic/occult/mysticism, or radiation?
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21st March 2005

ex_blurryca6:41pm: See what your chances of zombie survival are:

I only got a 72. Not nearly high enough for me to feel secure.

14th March 2005

ex_sporknin9:56pm: ZOMBIE ANIMALS? How much would that suck.


1st March 2005

standaman1:09pm: Zombie Terrorists?
Well, I'm glad this kid never got a chance to loose those zombies on that high school like he was apparently planning to. This is a near-miss situation people. Oh, and in case you're wondering where I got such a crazy link, thank Brian from 8-Bit Theatre

28th February 2005

standaman1:39pm: The most important question you will ever be asked!
Here it goes, I mentioned this in a earlier, but I figured I'd put it up as a community topic. The question is:
Those ravenous hordes from "28 Days Later", zombies or not? I say no, because they're alive, and I consider undeath to be a requirement for zombie status. But they have lost their ability to reason, and do chase and eat people relentlessly. So there is some confusion and debate here. I just would like to make a clear decision early, to avoid possible community shattering debate later on :)

27th February 2005

ex_blurryca11:25pm: Survival
Two questions for everyone:
1. Which type of zombie infestation do you think you would have the best chance of surviving?
2. What type of plans do you have in place for when the fateful day arrives?
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