BlurryCat (ex_blurryca) wrote in braaaaiiins,


Two questions for everyone:
1. Which type of zombie infestation do you think you would have the best chance of surviving?
2. What type of plans do you have in place for when the fateful day arrives?
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1- obviously we're all hoping for some really pathetic zombies like the slow and stupid ones from the original dawn of the dead (or Shaun of the Dead!). No brains, no speed, no fighting skills.. You'd see groups of humans roaming around "Removing the head or destroying the brain"

2- Hope for the weak zombies, because if they end up being friggen immortal or superhuman, we're all screwed. They's really not much to plan, other than note the location of your local gun shop and all the possible weapons where you live..
Well, actually I suppose I could buy a shotgun, but it's so much easier to loot it from the store after the cataclysm...
Actually, I think I would rather deal with 28 days later. My plan is to stockpile food and just wait for them all to die.

I have actually even planned the best locations for this, and have decided locking myself in the stockroom at Wal-mart is my best chance of survival. Food, guns, and baseball bats should have all my bases covered unless they are Return of the Living Dead Zombies and then I would just be screwed.

Psh, the 28 days later thing weren't even undead, and they died on their own after a month! They are filth among filth, lower than zombies! Infected humans, heck you might even be able to cure that crazy disease. Definitly not zombies. But, if that filth does show it's head, hiding out would be a safe bet, though I'd rather barrade my building and ward over a safehouse for the uninfected. Complete with escape tunnels for WHEN the infection gets into the safehouse, of course :)
28 Days Later would be so tough if you weren't on the ball. I mean like, all of the U.K. was turned in a matter of days, with the exception of less than 20 people. You really would need to be paranoid to react at exactly the right time to save yourself for that scenario.
1. Obviously I'd prefer the very, very slow kind a la Dawn/Shaun of the Dead, that took a while to gain decent numbers. I would need that precious time to think and formulate a plan.
2. My plan would not consist of much more than finding a motley crew of people to run around with: your necessary badass ethnic diversity hero who is usually black or asian, a fanatical priest that saw it all coming, a geek/computer genius that would get us into or out of everywhere we needed to be as well as formulate clever plans, and a hot chick with no real purpose other than sex appeal.
We would then find some place safe like a locked mall or a bank vault or a gun store or a pub and lock ourselves in and probably wait it out, killing a few zombies in the process.
id just like to point out that your plan has one major flaw. locking yourself in a bank vault would be highly ineffective, because it's an airtight enclosure.
So, first you say you need time to make a plan, and then you give the plan you'd probably end up making? Sounds like you DON'T actually need time to make a plan. Just locate the nearest S-Mart and "shop smart" as soon as the sh*t hits the fan :)
1. definately the slow moving ones. it give me more time to aim with my shotgun

2. my plans involve finding steve, matt and greg. and the following weapons: shotgun with plenty of ammo (shotguns require less aiming and bring more in the devastation category than a regular gun) and a cricket bat. or at least a baseball bat or hockey stick.
I totally want the kind you can stumble around amongst and go completely unnoticed. None of those fuckers who can like, smell your blood. Or run.

Something blunt, something sharp, and find some other fucking people. Who run slower than me ;)